Comprehensive Hearing, LLC

Trusted Provider of Hearing Diagnostic
Services and Hearing Aid Evaluations
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Welcome to Comprehensive Hearing

Trusted Provider of Hearing Diagnostic Services and Hearing Aid Evaluations.

Comprehensive Hearing, LLC is dedicated to providing audiological care to Cheshire, CT and the surrounding areas.

We have over thirty years of experience working with children and adults who have hearing loss, tinnitus, hearing aids, and assistive listening devices. We offer a wide range of services to individuals who have been impacted by hearing problems to improve their comfort, independence and quality of life.

Our staff cares about our patients and strives to provide the highest quality of services and personalized hearing solutions.

Our Services

Diagnostic Services

Does your hearing pass the test? Our diagnostic services can give you peace of mind and help assess what hearing treatments are right for you.

Hearing Aids

Enjoy beautiful music once again. Hearing aids can significantly improve your hearing, leading to an improved quality of life.

Custom Molds

Protect your hearing with ear molds designed for your ear. Custom-molded ear molds offer full-custom hearing protection for a wide variety of applications.

Our staff cares about our patients and strives to provide the highest quality of services and personalized hearing solutions.


Not being pleased with my hearing aids, I sought out for other aids. My daughter-in-law suggested I try you. It was the best thing I ever did. My hearing is better than expected. They are very comfortable to wear to the point I forget I had them in and went to bed with them. Your staff was very professional and patient and very knowledgeable. Their evaluation of my problem was on the mark. Thank you! I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend you. I’m 88 years old!

-Mary C., Fairfield


I first went to Comprehensive Hearing in September, 2015. I was referred by my primary care doctor, Dr. Brian Cohen in Cheshire, CT. I met Dr. Micacci and she gave me a very thorough hearing test. I got my Oticon hearing aids and I am very pleased with them. I have had a few occasions to call Jennifer and she has been very kind and gracious. She answered all my questions in detail and told me to call her anytime.

-Maureen C., Wallingford


I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for presenting at my support group last week. The program was very well received and the information presented was very helpful. I think my group learned quite a bit from you. I appreciate you making yourself available to them.
Thank again,

-Stefanie, Cheshire Senior Center

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