Our Services

Comprehensive Hearing, LLC is proud to offer the following diagnostic services


Complete audiological evaluations for children and adults


Otoscopy (inspection of the ear canals)


Pure tone testing


Speech testing


Tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing


Distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing


Tinnitus evaluations


Speech in noise testing

Overview of Products & Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

The first step toward better hearing is determining the presence and the extent of the hearing loss. Using state-of-the-art equipment, hearing testing is administered and interpreted by a Doctor of Audiology to define the type and degree of hearing loss.

Pediatric Audiological Evaluations

Specialized hearing testing may be necessary for infants and children with suspected hearing loss because of medical pathology, family history, medical history, special services or failing a hearing screening.

Continuous Care Plan

Our Continuous Care Plan provides follow up hearing health care including regular cleaning of the hearing aids and adjustments to the hearing aid settings.

Hearing Aids Today

Modern hearing instruments are small, comfortable personal amplifiers that are finely tuned to each individual’s hearing needs. Our office works with many manufacturers to best meet the needs and life style of our patients. We strive to provide an individualized fitting tailored to each person to optimize the audibility, comfort, and clarity of sound.


If you are a current patient and have hearing aids that were not fit in our office, we are happy to try to repair your hearing aids. We are able to service most major manufacturers of hearing aids and can tell you in the office if yours is a brand we service. Hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new. If your warranty has expired, it is still possible to repair most hearing aids with a fee. Depending on the hearing aid manufacturer, this repair may come with a new year-long warranty. Your hearing professional will provide you with details when you take your hearing aid into the office.

Earmolds and More

An earmold is a customized earpiece made to fit perfectly inside the ear. These products are available for amplification, communication, sleeping, swimming, hearing protection (i.e. recreational shooting, car racing, concerts), and musician’s use.


We carry a full line of batteries and tools for the cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids.

Assistive Technology

As technology continues to advance, there are many assistive devices to keep individuals with hearing impairment connected, including blue-tooth connectivity, amplified telephones, TV devices, and alerting/warning/alarm systems.


Quick Clinic Hours

As a courtesy and convenience to our families of hearing impaired patients, our audiology assistant is available for 15-minute visits to assist you with needs that do not require a full appointment such as: device drop off in need of repair, device pick up after repair, supply purchases, tubing change, device troubleshooting and receiver replacement

To take charge of your hearing health, schedule your hearing consultation today.