Like many of us, we fight growing older and at 63, I did not feel “old”. For several years, I noticed that I just could not hear very soft sounds as well as I used to hear. Most of us will be told by our “well meaning” family members that we can’t hear, and we continue to go on thinking that we are not old enough for hearing loss. I am healthy, I did not listen to loud music, I work in a quiet environment, and finally got to the point that I could not hear my very sick patients, and then I knew I had to do something.

When we lived in a previous state, I had seen an audiologist and she prescribed some very large, uncomfortable, expensive hearing aids that I did not wear. I made an appointment with the wonderful audiologists at Comprehensive Hearing and things started to improve. I had the pleasure of working with both Dr. Jennifer Wallberg and Dr. Jennifer Micacci and they did a superb job. They did my hearing testing and then fitted me with very small, comfortable hearing aids that I now wear every day. I am amazed at all of the sounds that I did not hear, previously.

It is ironic that we have all sorts of checkups and get glasses, but hearing aids are something we do not always consider. Dr. Wallberg has made sure that my hearing aids continue to fit well, and taught me how to maintain them. I admit that this has been a life changing event and I encourage people with hearing loss to have the testing done. I have not told most of my family members that I have hearing aids and they are so small that they are hard to see. The audiologists were extremely knowledgeable, and are both very caring people.

I highly recommend Comprehensive Hearing, it will improve your life!

-Nancy G.

I first went to Comprehensive Hearing in September, 2015. I was referred by my primary care doctor, Dr. Brian Cohen in Cheshire, CT. I met Dr. Micacci and she gave me a very thorough hearing test. I got my Oticon hearing aids and I am very pleased with them. I have had a few occasions to call Jennifer and she has been very kind and gracious. She answered all my questions in detail and told me to call her anytime.

– Maureen C., Wallingford

Not being pleased with my hearing aids, I sought out for other aids. My daughter-in-law suggested I try you. It was the best thing I ever did. My hearing is better than expected. They are very comfortable to wear to the point I forget I had them in and went to bed with them. Your staff was very professional and patient and very knowledgeable. Their evaluation of my problem was on the mark. Thank you! I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend you. I’m 88 years old!

– Mary C., Fairfield

Before coming to Comprehensive Hearing, I had tried another hearing center recommended by my doctor touted as being the best in their field. Long story short, after 7 months of a lot of driving and many, many hours trying to fine tune my hearing device, I ended up no better than when I had started. I have given up when I caught an ad for Comprehensive Hearing and read the very positive reviews about this office. From the start, I knew I had made the right decision. Audiologist and owner, Jennifer Wallberg, welcomed me into her office and took great care in accessing my hearing needs and in one session accomplished more than the previous audiologist failed to accomplish in 7 months. Very professional, very caring and a true pleasure to work with in both the hearing aid part of it and the financial end also. These folks go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. My highest recommendation.

– Mark T.

Dear Jennifer Micacci and the staff of Comprehensive Hearing, LLC.,

I want to express my thanks for all you have done to give my mom, Betty, back to me J. Mom’s hearing has been failing for 2 years and it was very frustrating to her and also those around her. She would get tired of telling people she didn’t hear them so frequently she would respond incorrectly, causing family members to worry about her swift decline. She was answering questions incorrectly at doctor appointments which were truly scary. I missed the conversations I used to have with my Mom. After a bad encounter with another provider, we found you and your practice and what a blessing. From the first call to schedule an appointment, you and your team treated our circumstance with kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, and thoroughness. You took your time to explain the options covered under Mom’s insurance and a week after her hearing test, Mom had hearing aids that work wonderfully. You were patient in teaching us both how to use and maintain them.

With her new hearing aids, Mom is full of conversation and has some self-reliance and pride back! At her last appointment with her PCP, Mom understood the questions her doctor asked her, answered them appropriately and confidently. She comments frequently how she enjoys hearing the birds again. And I’m thankful I can take her to lunch and have a conversation across the table without the entire restaurant knowing our business.

Thank you all- each visit is a pleasure from the moment we are greeted entering your office.

I would recommend your practice whole heartedly and I hope to bring Dad in soon to be evaluated.

With a grateful heart and thanks,

– Brenda W.

I received my hearing aid two days ago and it works perfectly. I wanted to thank you for your expertise, personality, and knowledge service on all matters. You have been the best since I have been wearing hearing aids.

– Bob S.

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for presenting at my support group last week. The program was very well received and the information presented was very helpful. I think my group learned quite a bit from you. I appreciate you making yourself available to them.
Thank again,

– Stefanie, Cheshire Senior Center

Five years ago when I finally convinced my then 92 year old Father that he needed hearing aids, I chose to come to Comprehensive Hearing in Cheshire. An easy choice.

In August when it was time for my Dad to consider replacing his aging hearing aids, I once again came to Comprehensive Hearing. Dr. Jennifer Micacci and receptionist, Christine, were wonderful. At 97, my Dad was moving into a new home I wanted to be sure his hearing was the best it could be to make this new transition go smoothly. Dr. Jennifer Micacci saw us immediately and guided us through the process so that in less than two weeks, he was wearing his new hearing aids. Once again, I had a choice and I chose Comprehensive Hearing for my Dad.

Our experience with this professional and caring team has enabled my Dad to hear clearly so that he can better adjust and enjoy his new home. His quality of hearing is like night and day.

– Pam A.

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